The Best Features of Honor MagicBook Pro

by Ted Alcala

Honor MagicBook Pro works wonders in the industry of technology and gadgets. Since it’s released, everybody is talking about it. This laptop is a combination of quality and affordability. Most of the well-known brands are very expensive. Why buy these laptops if you can save a lot on MagicBook Pro by Honor? Plus, you get the speed and features you require at a price that will surely fit your budget.

The launching

It was during the IFA 2020 virtual press conference when the MagicBook Pro was introduced. This laptop uses the state-of-the-art Ryzen 4000-series mobile chips. Because of this, people are quite curious as to what this gadget can do. Many are asking how a new company can afford to build something that has the same features and can perform well, just like famous brands.

Huawei is the principal company of Honor. Perhaps that explains how it comes up with superb products. So, if you are looking for a premium quality laptop with lots of impressive features at a price that you can afford, this can be the answer.

Interesting facts and trivia about MagicBook Pro

If you haven’t encountered a laptop with a built-in camera installed in between the two keys on the keyword, you might want to check out MagicBook pro. Is it a good feature or not? This can be new to many as we are used to a camera installed on the screen’s upper part. Some say it is not good, but others find it okay. The image you can get from it is not as good as compared to the traditional laptop cam. But it is quite amusing to see the cam on the keyboard, so others think it’s a useful feature.

If you check out some reviews about Huawei’s laptops, you will notice that most users are quite impressed with it. So, if Honor is under Huawei, then expect to get the same quality, look, and performance.

The laptop has two kinds of USB ports. On the left side, you will find the USB-C and USB – A ports. On the right side, there are two USB – A ports. These ports are all full size.

It is a six-core 3GHZ AMD Ryzen 5, one of the best-performing CPUs in the market today. The laptop is backed up by 512 GB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM.

Final verdict

The Honor MagicBook Pro is not as fast as the one used in gaming, but it can perform well on other essential tasks. The graphics are not as intense as compared to its expensive counterparts, but it outshines the LG Gram as well as the Microsoft Surface Book 3.

If you compare how the MagicBook Pro performs as compared to other popular brands, you would probably say that it is more worth it than others. The deciding factor here is the price. Why get an expensive laptop if its counterpart is performing well and much cheaper?

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