What Are The Best Huawei Watch 3 Apps In The Smartwatch?

by Ted Alcala

Smartwatches are currently trending, mainly because they help track one’s health progress. Furthermore, they are also one of the best fitness trackers available in the market. But, tracking one’s health is not their only purpose. Some, such as those in the watch 3 store, have apps that can be used for different purposes. Furthermore, the smartwatch can support various apps. Thus, this post aims to update you on the best Huawei Watch 3 apps in the smartwatch.

The best Huawei Watch 3 apps in the smartwatch

1. Home Workout-No Equipment app

Fitness tracking is one of the functions of a smartwatch. Thus, the home workout app in the Huawei Watch 3 store is crucial in ensuring that it attains its purpose. The benefit of the app is that it offers workout tips and plans and several other workout benefits. Furthermore, the home workout app ensures that one can easily work out from the comfort of their homes without the necessity of equipment. Thus, it reduces the need to visit a gym. The home workout-no equipment app is positively rated in App Store & Google Play Store. Thus, it is an excellent app to download on the smartwatch.

2. Offline Map Navigation

The Huawei Watch 3 has accurate and responsive navigation and map apps on its smartwatch. The benefit of Offline Map Navigation is that one does not need to be online for the app to lead one to their destined location, such as hospitals, hotels, gyms, restaurants, and so many more. The app determines your present location, and then it directs you turn by turn to where you need to be. Furthermore, your smartwatch’s GPS and offline map function will act as your guide if you are in a new city. 

3. e-Sound music

The eSound Music app helps one to manage music payback easily. The app does not enable music streaming to the smartwatch. The music must be from the one e-Sound phone app is playing. 

4. Fitify Workouts

Fitify is available for Huawei watch 3. The benefit of the health app is that it acts as a guiding tool to; building muscles, burning fat and losing weight. The app can also help one to keep on being motivated to train and stay healthy. The app consists of more than 900 exercises. Among the exercises are coaching and personal tips. Furthermore, the app ensures that you can personalize the workouts according to your requirements. You can also download offline exercises and use the voice assistant to guide you as you work out. 

5. myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio is supported on the Huawei 3 app. It allows for one to have access to various radio stations from all over the world. The access is made via the phone app and playback control through the watch. 

6. HIIT & Tabata

The HIIT and Tabata app allows one to manage their workout periods by clicking on resume, next, pause, and play.


The latest smartwatch technologies ensure that they can support several apps. Therefore, the above apps are the top apps in the Huawei Watch 3. The different apps present can serve various purposes, from health monitoring to tracking one’s workout session. Thus, when downloading apps, ensure you get one that meets your requirements.

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