A Wood Chipper Knives: Complete Guide

by Ted Alcala

Knives, additionally called blades or reduction devices, are desired for wood chippers. These knives are a crucial component of the wood chipping procedure because they slice and shred wood into smaller, easier-to-take care of bits or chips. With the assistance of this approach, it’s miles less difficult to remove wood waste, create mulch, or generate wood chips for an expansion of packages that consist of landscaping, composting, or the manufacturing of biomass strength.

The efficiency of your wooden chipper knives is stimulated by a variety of variables. These can include the substance you’re chipping, the climate, and your timetable for everyday preservation. The data you need about wood chipper knives is furnished below.

Wood Chipper Knives

Right Time to Replace Wood Chipper Knives

Like any fashionable reducing instrument, brush chippers want protection to paint effectively. But, it appears that preserving brush chippers is harder than humans may think. Protection chains, tires, belts, oil factors, and, most importantly, knives are some of the elements that should be inspected each day. In spite of the importance of these factors, your brush chipper has to undergo daily assessments similar to them.

Day-by-day inspections serve to preserve good enough preservation and a more secure working environment by removing any capacity dangers related to using a malfunctioning chipper.

Inspection of Wood Chipper Knives

You must do a radical 10-minute inspection before figuring out when to update the chipper knives. Before beginning this review, be sure to observe the safety instructions by wearing shielding gloves and, while vital, using the appropriate devices. Moreover, you ought to check the blades for chips and fractures because working with a chipper with broken blades may be dangerous for both the operator and the chipper.

Factors That Affect Wood Chipper Knives

Even before you begin your morning inspections every day, the procedure of extending the life and improving the general overall performance of your chipper knives has already started. You need to begin with your chipping process if you want to properly maximize the existence of your chipper blades.


It is viable that many operators do not have complete control over the wood-choosing procedure. You may always keep a watch on the condition of the wood, although, by searching for pollutants and other capacity matters, Pebbles, rocks, and dirt are some common pollutants. The chipper blades can also take intense damage from these impurities. You may guard your chipping knives by spotting these impurities and doing away with them earlier than you put the wood in the chipper.

Sharpening Of a Chipper Knife

A chipper knife’s life is not always over just because it has cracks or chips in it. As long as the knife continues to be usable, chipped or damaged chipper knives can be continually sharpened. Such knives must not be sharpened any farther than an inch.

Knives for chipping can be sharpened up to a few times on every side in the event that they don’t have any cracks or chipped edges. It’s far superior to use a commercial knife grinder to correctly sharpen your chipper knives because it prevents the blade from overheating and maintains its sharpness and tolerance.

Advantages of Chipper Knife

Spiral Slicing Floor

Excessive precision designing and growing strategies are used in the wooden chipper blade knives to distribute damaged blades pretty evenly across the cutter frame, supplying a fairly slim cutting region at any given time. Any such design prevents burns and burrs while in use.

Disintegrated Blades

The blades are connected to the slicing frame without being held in place. Customers can disassemble components of the blades once they turn out to be blunt; these techniques are brief and simple.

Prolonged Life Span

The wooden chipper blade knives have a lifespan that is two to three times longer than that of normal blades; when used with a 2- or 4-sided planer, the ratio rises to a few to four times more.

Sum Up

Every business that wants to boost productivity sustainably needs wood chipper knives as part of its equipment. Given the growing environmental issues, chipper knives have developed into important gear for every business within its premises. An extensive overview of chipper knives is provided in this article. In case you want to research more about wooden chipper knives, you can visit the JYF Equipment online store.

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