Information About Magnetic GPS Trackers

by Ted Alcala

GPS technology has advanced over recent years in that you can track the location of anything that moves, like vehicles, and increase their security by using GPS trackers. The market is flooded with many GPS tracking devices example, the magnetic GPS tracker. The trackers come in different shapes and sizes and have varying features to satisfy different needs. Some are easy to install, while others are complex and require a step by step guide to install. In this extract, we discuss what you should know about magnetic GPS trackers.

Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic GPS Trackers

· How Does a Magnetic GPS Tracker Work?

Magnetic GPS trackers are battery-powered tracking devices designed with magnets to hold on to a surface. In some cases, the tracker can be sold without the magnetic capability, but you buy a magnetic casing to help you attach it to the vehicle or any desired place. Such are ideal for tracking more than one vehicle as long as you don’t do it simultaneously.

The magnetic trackers will function perfectly from any spot as long as they can access the communication network without any interruptions. This allows for continuous transmission of GPS information to the owner about the vehicle’s speed, energy consumption as well as the driver’s behavior. Being battery-powered means, you can recharge the tracker with ease by simply disconnecting it from the car and attaching it back once fully charged.

· What are the Benefits of Using Magnetic GPS Trackers?

One of the most significant advantages is the unlimited placement options that come with the trackers, unlike hardwired GPS tracking devices. Tracking continues even when your asset is out of your reach in terms of location. No need to worry if your vehicle is stolen or is taken past the set boundaries because the tracker keeps receiving communication network, and knowing its exact location is easy.

Magnetic GPS trackers are compatible with any equipment as long as it’s attached to a metal surface. For some trackers, thick metal or magnetic surfaces may hinder signal transmission, cause inaccurate location reading, or stop the tracking device from giving the location completely. You can rely on the magnetic trackers entirely and be sure to get all recorded data or any information you need from it.

· Are Magnetic GPS Trackers Good for Tracking Assets

Many GPS trackers are available, but magnetic trackers are among the best trackers for your valuable items. It is convenient and can benefit very many applications and industries with their tracking solution. Companies or businesses with fleets of cars or any other equipment don’t have to worry about hiring professionals to do the installation. They can have their employees do it quickly and have the devices tracking within no time. Due to the rise in cases of asset theft, magnetic GPS installation is a quick and efficient way to curb the problem.

· How is the Magnetic GPS Tracker’s Battery Life?

The battery charge in these trackers can last for an extended period depending on the data transmission rate and type of tracker. No need to worry about frequent recharging, plus the batteries have a long duration.


Magnetic GPS trackers have great versatility and unlimited placement options. They have powerful features, are durable, and ideal for tracking all your assets. They are also easy to operate as long as the installation is done correctly.

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