Easy Methods to Getting Free FIFA Coins

by Ted Alcala

What are the easy ways you can get free FIFA coins? To get a star player or to keep players on your teams, FIFA would require you to get coins. Now, this is very important and you need as many coins as you possibly can get. You can either get them free or go with the other option of buying.

If you want to buy your coins, you would require money. If you don’t have this money, the next best option is to get free FIFA coins. There are various ways you can do that and some of them include:

Participating in Tournaments

Participating in tournaments is one of the easier ways to get your free FIFA coins. In tournaments, you get players with an opportunity to get as many coins when they win. You can ensure you get these currencies by winning these tournaments. There are various tournaments you can participate in. Some of the most common are single-player, offline tournaments, and of course, online tournaments.

Single-player tournaments are the ones where you play against a computer. If you win, you get free coins. Online tournaments require you to play with different people from various parts of the world. If you win, you get free FIFA coins. And then offline tournaments let you play against a friend offline. If you win, you get some free coins.

It is important to note however that the amount of coins you win depends on how much you win. You can win different amounts depending on how small or big the game was.

Playing Games

Another great way and legal yet easy method of earning free FIFA coins are by playing games. For every game you play, you get a certain number of coins that serve as a reward. This is due to your performance in the game, or just for your participation.

However, any reward earned after a match all depends on what kind of match you played. It could be a tournament or a season match. It could also be offline, single, or an online match.

To collect your reward, you have to complete any match you choose to play. You should know too that the rewards are large. It’s a really fun way to get free FIFA coins.

Playing Seasons

Another interesting way of playing to get free FIFA coins is by playing seasons. It’s also a fun way, and you get free coins after every season is completed. Unlike just playing games, the reward for this is a lot more after each season.

However, the earnings aren’t as much as playing at a general level. It all depends on the path you are willing to go through with. Playing seasons, single games, etc are really fun and exciting ways to get free coins.


In case you’re wondering, this is also an easy method of getting coins. All you have to do is create a FIFA account where you transfer any coins you earn to. You usually get free coins to get started at the beginning of every game. When you’re given these coins, you can just easily transfer it. All you need is a new email address. This makes it very simple and easy to achieve.

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