A Few Less Practiced Seo Tips to Increase Traffic and Profit

by Ted Alcala

As a solution to optimize your website, it is common practice these days to use an SEO service. Using the help of an SEO service is done to reduce the complexity involved. There is a general notion that SEO is difficult and complex; but with a little effort and commitment anybody can learn the trick of the trade.

In order to reduce the complexity, a few of the techniques are explained. This would act as a catalyst in your SEO efforts as they are very uncommon and ones that are neglected by your competitors. Since these are untouched territories you face less competition using them, therefore leading to SEO success.

Inner Page linking-

Internal links play a vital role in SEO. It is said that a website with proper use of keywords and internal linking is easily find-able. The find ability increases as you give more links to your own website pages. The key to increasing your internal links is to write more quality content. The more you write the more internal links you can form. Google indexes your website easily because of your internal links and this way your rankings improve by default.

Create centers of resources-

Choose one particular page on your website and fill it with informative content including your keywords. Include photos and videos. These give you an opportunity to add tags that in turn are great baits to attract web spiders. This makes your website more visible to prospects and search engines.

Blogs are built to attract spiders-

Make use of this default quality. If you go ahead and mention other relevant blogs in your own, search engines can’t and will not miss your website. Also the spiders are always on the lookout for keywords in titles, content etc, so creating blogs is a very good option to boost SEO. 

Use Google+-

Though studies show social media sites like twitter have more traffic, it is clear that the Click Through Rate is much more in Google+.

Authorship from Google-

Google is always in search of content that is of good quality. When you write good quality content Google acknowledges this and grants you credits. The authorship also gives you protection against plagiarism. More quality writing will help improve your credibility as an author. This in turn helps improve your website’s search rankings.

Optimize your content marketing –

The main reason a writer strives hard is to be visible in search engines. You can find results by optimizing your content and distributing on social media sites. Include SEO in your efforts and it is definite that you will find the results rewarding.

Following these tips will help you with your SEO, and help you achieve the results you need.

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