Steps to Transform Viewers into Buyers via Digital Marketing

by Ted Alcala

With digital marketing being at its prime, companies and individuals have taken to websites and blogs to make it a means of their business. The rule of thumb is to use content which your customers can easily relate to; and for this, you have to understand your targeted audience. If your readers cannot connect to your content, then you may be losing business. All talk and no action will not convince your customers, so to convert your site visitors into buyers you can follow these simple steps:

It is important to remember that every visitor is a potential buyer and the best way to increase your rate of conversion is to craft an attractive ‘calls to action’ panel on your website. Good marketing communications is established by encouraging your customers to act or respond. Customers will make a beeline for the CTA if it came with an exciting offer or a substantial discount. Remember to place it somewhere on the website where it can be easily accessed, preferably the header.

Another way to maximize buyers is through pop-up windows. Pop-ups can be used in various ways to exhibit your products and services. Internet users are impatient and prefer having the option to move away from pop-ups so it is advisable to set a timer or ensure they have the option to close the pop up when they want to.

Success breeds success”, and that’s exactly what you want to tell your customers with a case study. It is easier for customers to associate with a business when they know that previous customers have benefited with the association. Proving your case study through a video of an appeased customer is an encouragement to potential buyers.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

Testimonials are a brief version of case studies. Displaying reviews of customer who’ve shared a positive feedback of the products and services helps establish a relationship of trust with your potential buyers.

Websites often use newsletters to communicate to the customers about upcoming discounts and offers. Email sign-ups help us in doing so. It is easy to keep a track of your customer database through the email sign-ups.

Social network is now considered the heart of digital marketing. If you have a fan-following on Facebook or Twitter, then buyers will consider doing business with you. Reaching out to your customers through the social network is easier and it increases the audience that you are targeting. 

Chat is an excellent gateway for customers to understand your products and services before they decide to invest. Live chat not only allows you to personalize your customer’s experience, it also gives you the chance to make dynamic decisions based on your customer’s requirements. For example, a customer who may not be convinced with the services can be offered a discount so that he can reconsider.

Search engines appreciate websites and blogs which have valuable information written effectively and attractively, so understand that “Between saying and doing, many a shoe is worn out.” Deep diving into your customer’s requirements, building your website to fulfil those requirements is but a minor step on the path towards internet marketing.

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