Why I recommend, avoid Cheap SEO Company.

by Ted Alcala

I have seen so many companies offering cheap rates for SEO process. SEO is a highly competitive field which constantly changes and the ranking will easily gets affected. Try to make sure that your SEO Company is not giving out-dated or bogus advice for your project. Here are a few lies that such a company might tell you.

1) “Rank high if you add keywords in Meta tags”

Back then Keyword Meta tags served to help to gain good rank, but now Search Engines don’t consider it. It’s a kind of telling search engines to avoid main content and follow the listed keywords in the meta-tags. The latest Panda and Penguin search engine algorithms are intelligent enough to pick the keywords from the main content of the site.

2) “Submit to search engines and directories”

Often your SEO Company gives you the advice that they will “submit your site to 100s of directories and sites”. This isn’t an effective method as Google counts the quality of the page which links your site. So if they are offering this they are actually harming your site rank by adding your content to so called “link-farms”.

3) “A high amount of traffic is good for SEO”

This one is the most interesting part of the deal. Cheap SEO companies will guarantee you with huge traffic. They will show you a PowerPoint slide with steep graph showing the number of visitors to your web site. This rate may not reflect in your business profit. If you look your Bounce rate, you may find the reason why those visitors are not turning into profit.
This kind of high traffic is possible by submitting your website to popular directories or even traffic exchange sites. The visitors leave your web page because they don’t find what they need there. The best traffic is from people who want to see your content. Mostly organic Search Engine search will do this.

4) “We can guarantee number 1 result in Google”

Often some SEO companies make a statement that then will guarantee #1 position in Google without even knowing your keywords. Now search results became personalized for each internet user .You may see the official Google explanation about this here. The results are sorted with a set of complex calculations which include both Pagerank and social factors for the particular keywords. So never get cheated by the companies who offer these advices. More over who can guarantee you #1 position in search results, other than Google.

5) “Higher pagerank score will get you a better ranking”

Pagerank score is one of the many factors which rank a website. So getting a higher pagerank score alone isn’t effective. And the pagerank displayed on the Toolbars of certain browsers may not be same as those real time rank calculated by the Search Engines. It’s only an approximation of the previous rank and current back-link status.


So never choose a Company with their cheap rates. Always go for the latest trends in SEO industry and stay up-to-date with the SEO blogs in internet. Our advice is to

  •  Make a list of keywords that your business needs.
  •  Ask the company about their SEO process in detail.
  •  Don’t get confined to the link-building process but go for an overall On-page and Off-page optimization.
  •  Demand them to provide the bounce rate of your web site after optimization.
  •  Don’t hesitate to get tied up with a good Company if they are asking reasonable rates for SEO process.

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