What makes a laptop suitable for a learner?

by Ted Alcala

Following the global pandemic, most schools have had to introduce online learning. This has led to the need for laptops and computers for school and college-going kids. The HONOR back to school offer is creating a way for parents to get laptops for their kids at affordable prices. The company recognizes the need for affordability mainly because of the economic crisis that has hit most nations as a result of the pandemic. Other than price, other elements need to be considered when selecting a laptop for school kids. 

What makes a good laptop for a school going child?

When getting a laptop for your child, consider the following elements;

1. It should meet the requirements provided by the school

More often than not, schools provide a list of requirements for the type of computer they want their kids to use. The laptop must meet the school requirements because anything that doesn’t may not be useful or permitted by the school. The specifications provided depend on the type of applications the school intends to use the computer for. The requirements also depend on the type of course (for college students) that your child is taking. For instance, for engineering students, a computer with capabilities for handing engineering programs may be recommended.

On the other hand, a student taking media courses may require a computer with incredible graphics and audio elements. One of the requirements the school may specify includes the storage space and the operating system of the machine. An expert dealer should be able to get you a computer that meets all the requirements provided by the school. 

2. The performance of the laptop should be incredible

You also do not want to get your child a computer that will give them trouble and interfere with their performance in school. A learner’s laptop needs to have incredible performance levels regardless of the purposes for which the computer is to be used. For kids who need the machine for online studies, it should have incredible audio and picture quality and internet connectivity. Anything less than this could keep your child from attending classes hence negatively affecting his or her performance in class.

The computer also needs to require the least amount of hassle to perform its functions. Here, the most important features are the processor and the RAM because they significantly affect the machine’s performance. The quality of the processor and RAM will affect the performance of the device. You, therefore, need professional assistance when choosing the best performing machine for your child. 


Naturally, laptops are designed to be portable. However, there are some types and brands that are more portable than others. For instance, a laptop with a large screen size is less portable than a small one. Additionally, some laptops can be converted into tablets hence making them more portable than others. Kids, whether in high school or college, need portable laptops that they can carry around and use anywhere. However, when determining the appropriate size, other factors like the applications of the computer also need to be considered. 

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