What to Know About Osprey RC-3018 RF Coupler

by Ted Alcala

In the world of electronics, where all theory is based on ideal situations, constructing devices demands sample testing before putting them into the main business. RF couplers are thus designed as an important element for correct analysis. These are passive devices that process signals to produce measurements. One of the best on the market is made by Osprey. Click here to take a look.


Usually, an RF coupler consists of 4-ports through which it samples an input signal at a fixed degree and produces two outputs, a normal output, and a coupled output. The power of the coupled output can be varied based on the required output. To meet the needs of the designers, the Osprey RC-3018 RF coupler is constructed to give bandwidth, maximum directivity, and great power.

Types of Directional Couplers

There are various kinds of RF couplers, described by their direction. A unidirectional RF coupler consists of an input and an output line, a coupled output, and an isolated port. Bidirectional RF couplers are identical to the former but do not include the fourth port. A dual directional RF coupler can be constructed by joining two unidirectional RF couplers back-to-back in series. The Osprey RC-3018 is a unidirectional coupler, proven to be the primary factor in assessing the antennas in numerous devices.


Without using any physical RF connector, this special invention links the DUT’s Electromagnetic Field and forms a strong radiated connection. With a range of 800-6000 MHz, the signal produced at the coupled output is quite stable.

These antenna couplers can be useful in various applications that require frequencies of up to 6000 MHz. As no circuit is ideal, the insertion loss of this device is estimated to be 8-20 dB approx. Therefore, it can be used where high frequencies are required.

To obtain maximum signals, it is important to work according to the RF couplers’ direction of the antenna. The RC-3018 RF coupler has vertical polarization. This direction has a low radiation angle, which allows for long-distance transmission and reception of signals without much hindrance.

The standing wave ratio is another feature to consider before purchasing an RC coupler. It is a measurement of how accurately a radio-frequency signal is transferred from a source of power to a load through a transmission line. In the case of the Osprey, it delivers less than 1:1.5, which is ideal for a VSWR ratio.

The Osprey RC-3018 RF Coupler is perfect for all kinds of situations as it is extremely compact. Due to this feature, this incredible coupler can be installed in various kinds of circuits and setups without any inconvenience. It is a 3dB coupler which means that the power transferred will be equally split between the normal output and the coupled output.


Apart from all the great specifications and features of this incredible device, one additional characteristic of this Osprey product is that it is authorized for RoHS and REACH compliance. REACH is a horizontal agency that governs the hazards associated with chemical compounds during their entire lifespan. Whereas RoHS is a product-specific vertical body that prohibits toxic substances in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic appliances. This is very essential as both authorities work together to ensure the safety of users.

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