The Downside of Using Low-Quality Cables

by Ted Alcala

Lightning cables are USB cables used to connect gadgets such as iPhones, ipads, iPods to a computer USB port or an adapter for them to charge or sync. These cables are usually certified and manufactured by authorized companies. Thus, buying cables from any dealer can lead to long term damage to your Apple device, making you spend more money repairing it than buying. Most people focus on the cable’s outward appearance and forget that the components inside are also important. Check out lightning cables for high-quality and genuine cable. In this write-up, we look at the Importance of high-quality cables.

Importance of Using Low-Quality Cables

When looking at cables such as lightning, micro, audio, or type C cables, always make an effort to get good quality ones. They will serve you for a long time and save you the money you would spend on repairing them. Some of the disadvantages include;

1.Cable Failure

Unauthorized dealers never tell you that any of their products are faulty. They are happy when you buy from them because they get to pocket your money, and you deal with the aftermath. These cables tend to have unspecified problems, and it can be frustrating trying to figure them out. Sometimes they work well after purchase, then fail later, or don’t work right from the time you unpackage them. Worst even, your device may fail to recognize the cable altogether.

2.Poor Materials

Fake dealers sell cables made of low-quality materials. The choice of plastic used and the electronic parts are low grade. They try to be economical during production and come up with weak products that can crack and break easily. Repeated bending or rolling up of the cables is not advisable, so storing becomes a challenge.


A low-quality cable causes the phone battery to overheat, which is dangerous not only for the phone but to you a well. Genuine lightning cables have a chip that controls the amount of current flowing to the battery. Fake cables lack the chip resulting in poor charging. It’s either the device doesn’t charge at all or takes so much time for the battery to become full. Too much current destroys the chip, and repairing it costs a lot of money.

4.Unable to Transfer Data

Original Apple cables allow the transfer between devices and the computer. Unauthorized lightning cables don’t support this function, and neither do they support the synchronization of data. In case you get a new device, such as an iPhone, it’s difficult to transfer data from your old phone to the new one. It can be such an inconveniencing situation, especially when you have valuable information. The good thing about Apple devices is that they notify you when a cable is not authorized. A message will appear on the iPhone, saying it’s not MFI certified.

Bottom Line

Buying original lightning cables is a good investment. Enquire about their certification before giving your money. Unauthorized ones are more affordable but cost you more with time. Good cables are expensive due to the quality standards, and you are assured of a high level of performance and safety.

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