Signs That You Need A Laptop Battery Replacement


The average life span of a laptop battery is about two years, depending on the intensity of usage. This means that every two years, you will need a laptop battery replacement. Finding a replacement battery for your laptop is easy with online shopping. Good quality HP Batteries may not show apparent signs of aging, so you need to pay close attention to the following telltale signs to know when to buy a new laptop battery to replace the old one.

1. System report

 To check your battery life on your HP laptop, click on the windows tab and open Command Prompt. Once Command Prompt is open, type in “powercfg energy output c:/energy report.html” The device will ask you to wait for 60 seconds while the system observes system behavior. After sixty seconds, the computer will give you a short version of the report. The laptop will save the full version of the final performance report in the local disk C. You can open the full performance report on your preferred search engine and go through it.

At one point, you might also receive an error 601 message from your device. This means that the BIOS has detected a decrease in the internal battery capacity during startup. A decline in laptop battery capacity can be caused by aging or using the laptop in low ambient temperatures.

2. Age

There are many good quality laptop batteries in the market, but there is no laptop battery that can last a lifetime. Both Mac and PC consumers have to replace their batteries every few years. If your laptop is giving you trouble with its battery, you might want to remember when you bought it. Laptop batteries will only function properly for 300-400 charge cycles.

3. Lesser battery time

The first telltale sign that your battery is not operating at full capacity is when it does not hold power for as long as it used to. On average, a fully charged laptop battery should serve at least four hours at maximum system function and six-hour with regular system function. If your battery is not making it past a few hours, then it is time to replace the laptop battery.

4. Unexpected power issues

Once in a while, your laptop may power down on you while you are using it. It is common for this to happen due to program mishaps, but if the laptop powers down suddenly too often, you should run the windows diagnostic to ensure that the battery is not the culprit.

5. Slow charge

In addition to your battery lasting lesser hours, it might take longer to charge it fully. You will notice that the laptop battery might charge up to a certain percentage and not make any progress from there. If your battery takes longer to charge, take it as a sign to change your laptop battery.

6. Overheating

Laptops have fans designed to dissipate any excess heat. The fans help dispel heat that accumulates as the machine operates. If your computer starts running at a high temperature, your laptop battery will probably be working too hard to cool itself efficiently. We recommend that you unplug your laptop if it overheats to avoid further damage to delicate internal parts. If your computer is overheating, then buy a new laptop battery as soon as possible.

In conclusion

Once you are sure that a faulty laptop battery is the cause of all your technical troubles, a laptop battery replacement is your best solution. Reach out to computer experts and get any assistance you need to find your device’s right battery.


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