How To Store The Genuineness Of Your Asus Laptop Battery

by Ted Alcala

The market features various brands of laptops. Asus is one of the top ones. There are numerous dealers of Asus laptops and accessories. For instance, many laptop accessory stores sell various Asus laptop battery (Batería para computador portátil Asus) models. This post covers Asus laptop battery storage and genuineness.

Tips for properly storing your Asus laptop battery

There are many reasons as to why you may need to store away your laptop for a while. Regardless of the reasons, proper storage is essential. Storing a laptop battery is not as simple as keeping clothing articles in boxes in your basement. Incorrect storage could lead to the early death of your battery during storage. Therefore, the following storage tips would come in handy;

a. Ensure that the battery is halfway discharged before storage

Most people know that fully charged batteries tend to deteriorate faster than when they are discharged halfway. For this reason, many hardware specialists recommend storing your laptop battery while it is between 60-40 percent full. Do not discharge it entirely as it will destroy its stability.

b. Let the battery warm up before putting it back in your laptop

Naturally, after storing your laptop battery in a cool place for a while, it will be cold. Therefore, it would be wise to cool it before placing it back in your machine. This is because a sharp rise in its temperature will place an undue strain on it, causing it to deteriorate faster.

c. Do not store the laptop battery in hot or warm environments

It would also help to store your laptop battery in a cool place. Keeping it in a hot or warm place could cause it to deteriorate faster. Keeping the battery in cool places (like the fridge) will keep them crisp and fresh. However, do not place it in the freezer as it could get damaged completely.

d. Store the laptop battery in a dry place

Opting to keep your Asus laptop battery in a moist/humid environment will always accelerate the battery’s discharge rate. Therefore, it would help to keep it in a dry location.

How to check the genuineness of your laptop battery

When buying a new Asus laptop battery, you must check its genuineness. Below are tips on how to do this;

a. Check the product or model number

Every laptop brand or model comes with a product number, also known as a model number. This number is used to separate the products since they do not contain similar components. For this reason, one laptop battery may not be compatible with all laptops, even if they are from the same brand. Therefore, the product numbers can never be the same. Before purchasing a new laptop battery, you must check the number and compare it with your original laptop battery. This will help you tell which product is genuine. It will also tell you which product is compatible with yours.

b. Check the reputation of the seller

Another way to ensure that you get a genuine laptop battery is by checking the seller’s reputation. The best place to shop for an Asus laptop battery is from an Asus dealer. However, you can also research the internet for the most reputable sellers. Ensure to read through the testimonials and reviews of each store.


Shopping for a new Asus laptop battery doesn’t have to be challenging. You only need to ensure that the seller is genuine and the product is compatible with your original battery. When storing your product laptop battery, the tips listed above will help ensure that it is safe and usable afterward.

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